Job opportunities rely on experience

Written by s4200337
Branddie Normington being interviewed about her post graduate employment

Branddie Normington being interviewed about life after university
Credit: Adam Robinson


The Australian employment rate has decreased over the last two years, JACdigital reporter Adam Robinson talks to current and graduated university students on life after tertiary and employment expectations. 

The 2011-2012 Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Report states that Queensland skilled employment has the lowest state average within Australia. University students are stuck wondering what to do after graduating.

They question: how will I get a job? How will I gain experience? JACdigital goes into the issue everyone’s too scared to deal with.

After interviewing two under-graduates and two post-graduates, it was clear that success requires experience, skill and passion for the field of study. Grace Green, Recruitment Consultant also lends some handy tips for students preparing for their final year of study.


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