Students break down public transport

Written by Sarah Ballard

Students at the University of Queensland are increasing their use of public transport when travelling to the St Lucia campus.

A 2011 campus population survey conducted by the Queensland Centre for Population Research reveals bus travel as the preferred mode of transport by students, not cars, which was the preferred mode by students in 2002.

Mark Kranz, manager for Transport Systems, Property and Facilities Division at UQ said the division works in conjunction with Translink, monitoring the number of arrivals and departures at the campus.

“UQ is the second busiest transport centre in South East Queensland, the first being Brisbane city,” he said.

“Since increasing busway infrastructure the number of buses servicing UQ has been doubled.”

The 2011 survey found an increase in the number of bus passengers from just under 6,500 arrivals and departures per day in 2002, to over 14,000 per day in 2011.

The survey also noted that significant changes in access to UQ affected transport choices of both staff and students.

The opening of the Eleanor Schonell Bridge in 2006 saw a decrease in the use of cars, while buses, walking and cycling increased in popularity.

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