The beef with Indonesia’s meat policy

Written by Timothy Swanston

Indonesia’s impressive economic growth in recent years has been coupled with a rapid expansion of its middle class, a group of consumers who have a growing appetite for quality, imported beef from Australia.

Unfortunately for these Indonesians, along with all beef consumers in the nation, prices are historically high due to the short supply of Australian cattle and increasing prices along the supply chain.

Local market workers, or pedagang, are being squeezed, purchasing beef at expensive prices from the slaughterhouses and selling it on for little to no profit, raising concerns for their financial stability.

Timothy Swanston has the story. 

About The Author
Timothy Swanston

Timothy has a passion for storytelling through the visual medium, with a keen eye for photography and an appetite for producing engaging content. Coming to Indonesia with a background in economics and political science, he is interested in learning how to report in a high-stakes environment and create interesting pieces on foreign affairs.

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