A square-full of chocolate makes the study go down

Written by Amber Davidson
[media-credit id=135 align="aligncenter" width="590"]Study has found a link between brain health and chocolate[/media-credit]
A successful study method for students at the University of Queensland.

A recent review of medical research has discovered that a small amount of chocolate each week can increase brain functioning.

The study published within the British Medical Journal reviewed prior chocolate research, and concluded that the participants in the “high chocolate consumption” condition displayed improved functioning, as well as being 29 per cent less prone to brain related illness.

This finding can only mean good things for the students of the University of Queensland (UQ) and their beloved UQ Union Lolly Shop.

Benjamin Tabulo, a fourth-year chemical engineering student, and self-diagnosed chocoholic, welcomed the research and was eager to test it out for himself.

“Essentially junk food, which is pretty much just chocolate for me, is a staple in the life of a student,” Mr Tabulo said.

Typically known for their love of cheap beer, Mr Tabulo turned this old-school student notion on its head by suggesting sweets have now become the preferred vice.

“Anyone who claims that chocolate hinders their performance especially during exam block, would be an anomaly.”

The busyness of the Lolly Shop is testament to its popularity among students.

“Its constantly flat out, always seems to have a cue so I can’t even imagine the amount of product sold if everyone knew about research like this,” said Mr Tabulo.

In the report, the University of Cambridge authors also revealed a positive link between heart health and chocolate consumption.

Yet it was stressed in the authors’ concluding remarks that, by no means is this study intended to provide the population with an excuse to over or binge eat.

“I find this research almost validates my chocolate dependency. I can’t kid myself and believe it will actually get me better marks though,” said Mr Tabulo.

“In my four years here, your best bet is to still try the library first for study. But if all else fails, some Dairy Milk really does help take the edge off.”

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