Brisbane students create latest lifestyle app

Written by Thomas Nall

It seems that mobile applications are few and far between these days.

However every now and then a gap in the market appears and all that is required is some entrepreneurial spirit to fill it.

Two Brisbane students Hannu Siren, 22 and Felicity Verdouw, 24 are the creators behind Australia’s latest lifestyle app ‘iClubBar’.

Mr Siren developed the idea for the app after arriving in Brisbane from Adelaide.

“Hannu basically was new to Brisbane, he had come from Adelaide and he was out a few nights and didn’t know where to go or what to do and he would ask [people] and they wouldn’t know what to tell him and he thought it would be really convenient if there was one place you could go to that had all the information on it” said Felicity Verdouw.

The app serves as a directory for all the nightlife events that are happening in the various pubs and clubs around Australia’s major cities.

What makes it so special?

The app is divided into four sections, the word, the scene, the go and the hot.

Only on its first release, the application is only servicing venues in Brisbane with a national release due around September when everything is finalised.

“Basically it’s for the public, it’s a place where you can go to find out about every single event venue in your city and you can search for the places closest to where you’re at. You can plan your whole night around it.”

“If you just want to go to a quieter bar with a bit of live music then an actual ‘doof doof’ club you can look through and actually find a place that does that,” explained Ms Verdouw.

A viral campaign has been launched to accompany the release of the app with Ms Verdouw presenting their YouTube lifestyle show entitled ‘wornOUT’.

“Hannu is the majority owner he developed the app from the bottom up, he stays on top of the development. He also created our whole viral strategy so he basically stays on top of the technological stuff.”

“My job is, part of our strategy is we have a online tv element, so I host that and then I also do client liaison so I speak with the clubs and venues and help produce the shorts we come with. I also put together our whole PR strategy so we will start implementing that around the time that we launch.”

Other companies have released lifestyle applications for Australian nightlife such as The Thousands and My 24/7.


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