Charity shops in Annerley face shoplifters

Written by Joleen Seam
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Tammy Hallam of  Annerley Lifeline with the leather jacket she managed to retrieve after chasing a shoplifter.

Charity shops in Annerley – Annerley Lifeline Shop and The Asthma Foundation Op Shop – have been targeted by shoplifters.On the 26 August 2011, at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Annerley Lifeline’s second-in-charge Tammy Hallam came face-to-face with a male shoplifter.

“I was sitting down having my lunch when a lovely old gentlemen decided to run off with one of our leather jackets,” Ms Hallam said.

“Wasn’t too happy about that so I decided to run after him and I managed to catch him a block down the road with our jacket.”

Ms Hallam said the incident ended peaceful as the “lovely old gentlemen took off” the jacket rather politely, so it “wasn’t much of a hassle”.

Items that risk being shoplifted in Annerley Lifeline Shop include accessories, bags, clothes and shoes.

Paula Ponti, the shop manager, said staff were the key to preventing future shoplifting attempts.

“It doesn’t matter how much security we have, it’s our staff,” Ms Ponti said. “Our staff need to be trained to prepare to keep a look out for people who might be inclined to shoplift.”

Opposite Annerley Lifeline is The Asthma Foundation Op Shop and store manager Rosemary Scarlot faces the same shoplifting risks.

“Shoplifting is very prevalent and we face shoplifters a few times a week,” she said.

“At the moment there are two people whom I am very aware of that have taken something.”

Jodi Ross, customer of The Asthma Foundation Op Shop, who patronises charity shops a “couple of times a year” was surprised by the shoplifting: “Charity shops are for charity and they are running for a good cause.”

Elizabeth Atherton, another customer, said stealing from charity shops was “one of the lowest acts anyone can think of”.

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