Wills designs portraits of dusk

Written by Alexandra Codd

This month, Sydney girl Samantha Wills, now residing in New York City, launched her latest spring/summer collections to boutiques not only across Australia, but worldwide.

Starting just six years ago, she is now dressing the likes of celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and Eva Mendes, proving to local designers everywhere that the key to international success is dreaming big and having a business/tech savvy mindset.

Travelling across Australia over the past few months, her sales team including sales manager Amy Farrell presented the latest range, Portrait of Dusk, to the boutique owners, stylists and media personalities, all brought together by their love for costume jewellery.

Brisbane hosted the VIP evening at the Emporium Hotel, Fortitude Valley, where the team presented Will’s inspirations, influences and ideas for the future of the label.

The evening wrapped up with the girls letting the audience in on a few secrets including Wills’ latest endeavour being a collaboration with Paspaley Pearls for a bridal range said to kick off next year.


Quotes: Sunset Noir Press Release for Samantha Wills

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