Proposed law to legalise online spying

Written by Ace Tamayo

Even bank records. The proposed changes to the security legislation will enable the ASIO check any personal information online. Photo: Ace Tamayo

Proposed changes to the National Security law will aid the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) to legally spy on any personal information online, according to civil rights groups.

The changes come after concerns that Australia needs to be more equipped against emerging and evolving threats for national security.

But Queensland Council for Civil Liberties President, Michael Cope challenged the legislation and accused the labour government for covering its grant of increased police power.

A number of private and political organizations, including The Pirate Party of Australia, submitted their oppositions to the proposal saying it is a massive invasion of personal privacy.

To read the original discussion paper, click here.
To read The Queensland Council for Civil Liberties submission (pdf), click here.
To read other submissions, click here.

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