Children become the focus of marriage equality

Written by Michelle Connell

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As part of the Brisbane Pride Festival the Rainbow Families of Queensland Association has launched their first ever art exhibition to help raise awareness for kids with GLBTIQ parents.

The exhibition held at The Edge, GOMA features artwork created by the children of Rainbow Families of Queensland, under the topic ‘What Does Family Mean to You?’. The Shadow Minister for Women and Communities, Desley Scott, was on hand to open the exhibition and give her opinion on the importance of marriage equality within Queensland.

“I think that it is inevitable, and I think that young people these days accept people’s sexuality as the norm, and many churches accept gay people as the norm,” said Mrs Scott. “When you mention art, kids and a rainbow Labor Party in the one event, that is a very special role that we are proud to support.”

Tammy Clinch, organiser of the event and board member for Rainbow Families, believes that exhibitions such as this are vital for allowing the public to understand that  gay parents provide exactly the same amount of support and love for their children as straight families.

“Our kids draw pictures of our families just like everyone else, our kids make beautiful finger print paintings just like everyone else. The main reason Rainbow Families wanted to have to art exhibition is about finding common ground with people; it’s about engaging with the mainstream community … even if we do feel very isolated and excluded,” Miss Clinch said.

The not-for-profit volunteer organisation has aimed to increase their public awareness this year, with stalls at the Pride Festival fair day and participation in the Rally for Marriage Equality. Miss Clinch explained that, “This exhibition is about growing our organisation from the ground up…and we are just going to keep expanding, and eventually for all of September in Pride Month people wont be able to come to The Edge without seeing Rainbow Families.”

This comes with the recent Australian Bureau of Statistics census data finding that the nearly one in five gay households includes children under the age of 18, particularly in the inner-city areas of Australia.

For more photos from the opening of the exhibition see the slideshow below.


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