Press freedom threatened by proposed law

Written by Ace Tamayo

Journalists at risk. The proposed changes to the security legislation pose risk to confidentiality of sources of information. Photo by: Ace Tamayo

Press freedom is at risk and could be threatened by the proposed changes to the National Security legislation, according to the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

The Labor Government is enduring heated debate after asking for a joint committee to examine a number of proposed amendments to security and telecommunications laws last July.

The changes come after concerns that Australia needs to be more equipped against emerging and evolving threats for national security.

But Media Alliance director of communications, Sean Brogan argued that the changes amount to a fundamental attack on press freedom and ethical obligations of professional communicators.

Media scholar, Dr Mark Andrejevic echoes the MEAA submission and argues for an exemption for journalists to serve public interest.

A number of private groups and political organisations, including The Pirate Party of Australia, submitted their opposition to the joint committee stating that the proposed law would directly target professional communicators.

To read the original discussion paper, click here.
To read The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance submission (pdf), click here.
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