Lack of parking angers student commuters

Written by Maggie Catlow

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University students who travel into campus on public transport are struggling to find a car park at their local train station and bus stop.

Stacey Lucas is a student who commutes each day from Caboolture and believes there are insufficient car parks at the station.

“Often, I need to catch the train at midday to attend my afternoon classes, yet I always find it hard to secure a park because it is filled before 7:30am,” she said.

“When the station car park is full, the only option is to park on the street. In some cases, there are time limits and you risk getting fined. There needs to be more all-day parking for commuters.”

Bianca van Peperzeel is another student who is frustrated at the limited parking spaces at Caboolture train station. Instead of catching public transport to university, Bianca chooses to drive.

“It would be a waste of time driving around looking for a park at the station, I could miss my train or bus,” she said.

“Many university students have to commute to campus, I think Translink needs to allocate the right amount of parking spaces for the quantity of people who use their services.”

In Translink’s 2012 annual report, key infrastructure projects are planned to improve public transport throughout Queensland.

Unfortunately for Stacey, Bianca and the numerous of other commuters, Caboolture train station is not one of the sites outlined to receive a Park ‘n’ Ride upgrade at this stage.

Member for Pumicestone, Lisa France said that Park ‘n’ Ride facilities would benefit the commuters from Caboolture, however the upgrade is currently unfeasible.

“Unfortunately, the state’s financial position meant there was no available budget for an upgrade of facilities at this time, however this does not remove the need for it,” she said.

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