Brisbane public transport fails to deliver

Written by Maggie Catlow

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Students from the University of Queensland (UQ) St Lucia campus are angry and frustrated at Translink and Queensland Rail services.

The Brisbane public transport system is failing to efficiently deliver students to UQ due to delays, lack of consistency and insufficient parking.

Unpredictable timetables and the rising cost of fares are the main areas of annoyance.

 See what UQ students have to say about Brisbane’s public transport.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson believes that the government is doing everything it can to improve travel time efficiency, especially at the University of Queensland. 

“Each year, more than 1.5 million students rely on buses at the UQ Lakes station so it is important that we have capacity to deliver reliable services for people at the university,” Mr Emerson said.

Translink’s 2012 Annual Report attempts to address the key problems of South East Queensland’s transport infrastructure.

However, the annual report did not provide a set timeframe for when the projects and suggested solutions would be implemented.

The Newman government has devised a “nine-and-free” incentive scheme to encourage commuters to increase their use of public transport.

Translink’s Go Card system also offers discounted fares, however software glitches have added to the frustration of commuters.

Mark Kranz, manager for Transport Systems, Property and Facilities Division at UQ said the division works closely with Translink.

“We acknowledge that there are a number of inconveniences students encounter on their daily commute.

“I am a member on the board of UQ’s sustainability committee, which investigates the efficiency of public transport to and from the university’s campus,” he said.

“It is important for students to feel satisfied and confident when using public transport.”