Banning Mumbai’s iconic Victoria horses: what will the consequences be?

Written by John Ballot

by John Ballot

Along Mumbai’s famous Marine Drive, tourists can be seen getting into large silver carriages that will take them around the tourist traps of Mumbai. Controversially drawn by often malnourished and overworked horses, known locally as the Victoria horses, this practice was outlawed by the Bombay High Court in June 2015. One year later though the Victoria horses keep drawing carriages down Marine Drive, and the drivers still have not received the promised job retraining programs provided to them by the state government.

Can a complete ban realistically save the lives of these mistreated horses while also protecting the riders and their families? Or will a ban make the situation even worse? Talking with animal welfare groups and carriage drivers, I set to find out what will be the consequences of banning Mumbai’s iconic Victoria horses.

**PETA and Victoria Owners lawyers were contacted for comment.





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