Deafening Silence

Written by Maegan Gillespie

India’s children are facing an epidemic of abuse, with 53% of Indian children having experienced sexual abuse. Yet the people are silent, government initiatives are targeting other issues and the weight of supporting victims is on non-government organisations. Follow UQ in Jaipur reporter, Maegan Gillespie, as she confronts an issue that no one wants to talk about.

About The Author
Maegan Gillespie

Maegan is in her final semester of a Bachelor of Journalism and Communications (Public Relations) and is a member of the UQ in Jaipur team for 2017. Along with studying fashion journalism in Italy, Maegan has worked with Queensland Magazines, GCMag, 4ZZZ radio, P4 Group and Invigorate PR. Going forward, Maegan hopes to pursue her passion for journa...