The Pathway To Equality – Disability Accessibility In Jakarta, Indonesia

Written by Chloe Mabb

In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, a lack of accessibility is still a daily reality for the city’s disability community. Yet,  damaged pathways, a lack of visual signage, and guiding blocks that lead straight into open drains aren’t just hindering daily commutes. They are also having serious, flow-on effects for this community with regards to equal independence, safety, access to community services, and financial cost.

About The Author
Chloe Mabb

Chloe is a final-year Bachelor of Journalism/Arts (Extended French Major) student based in Brisbane. With a keen interest in social and cultural topics, Chloe has pursued opportunities throughout her degree in New Caledonia, Switzerland and Indonesia, as part of the 2018 'UQ in Jakarta' team.

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