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Indian Women in Sport

Isabella Leembruggen- October 16, 2016

By Isabella Leembruggen Every four years, the world unites to watch what is known as the greatest show on earth – the Olympic Games. The ... Read More

The Writing is on the wall: Street art for social change in Mumbai

Tom Higgins- October 16, 2016

  By Tom Higgins Street art is commonly seen as vandalism in most countries, and India is no exception. Though some see it as a ... Read More

Indonesia fights a two-wheel turf war

Drew Timbs- May 12, 2017

Rising popularity of online-based ride-hailing apps has created tension on the streets of Jakarta, as traditional motorcycle hailing taxis (ojeks) fight back for demand, claiming territory ... Read More

A Clean Slate for Jaipur

Sarah Ward- September 26, 2018

I stepped onto the streets of Jaipur for the first time with expectations of dirty roads lined with litter but was starkly surprised by what ... Read More

Why We Need to Value Our Teachers

Lucy Ratz- October 21, 2018

The growing recognition of teacher's in Jaipur and what Australia can learn from the Indian approach to the value of education. The growing recognition for ... Read More

Journey Through Muara Angke

Amy Reibelt- June 2, 2018   Muara Angke is one of the largest fishing villages in Indonesia. Through this photostory, take a peak into a world which is ... Read More

A New Brew

Jessica Miller- October 30, 2018

India and tea go hand and hand. And now a new variety has the country brewing with excitement. Olive tea - made from processed olive ... Read More

Ordinary Women: Mumbai

Sarah Matthews- October 16, 2016

By Sarah Matthews One of the best things about travelling is the extraordinary people that you can meet each and every day, and the bustling ... Read More

The fortress: Jakarta’s top junior high school comes to life

[email protected]- April 8, 2018

  Classes may be over for the day, but the fun is just beginning for Year 7 students at Jakarta's best-performing junior high school. See ... Read More

To Tip Or Not To Tip

McKenna Lea- September 25, 2017

  For many western travellers the idea of begging is a foreign practice. Whilst exploring the beautiful temples and forts in India travellers may be ... Read More