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Cricket in India: It’s not a sport, it’s a religion

Tarryn Kelly- October 24, 2016

It is recognised as the second largest religion in India - and some argue that is undoubtedly the first. It may come as a shock ... Read More

Journey Through Muara Angke

Amy Reibelt- June 2, 2018   Muara Angke is one of the largest fishing villages in Indonesia. Through this photostory, take a peak into a world which is ... Read More

Colour my life with the chaos of Mumbai

Tarryn Kelly- September 25, 2016

By Tarryn Kelly Mumbai is a city of sights, sounds, smells... and striking colours. Read More

Children of the City

Anastasia White- October 25, 2017

Walk down the streets of Jaipur, visit its palaces and temples, and you’ll see them - performing magic shows, offering red forehead painting to tourists, ... Read More

The prison in my head: Varun Gwalani’s fight with OCD

Tom Higgins- October 16, 2016

  By Tom Higgins Mental health issues can affect anyone, anywhere in the world. Society often portrays those with mental health issues as weak, or ... Read More

Fighting India’s HIV Stigma

McKenna Lea- October 17, 2017

Issues with education and awareness of HIV and AIDS in India has resulted in large amounts of discrimination and stigma surrounding this issue nationwide. Jaipur ... Read More

A Community of Colour: The meaning behind the street art in Depok

Jacqueline Pon- April 8, 2018

Just off the chaotic main street of Margonda in Depok City, and a far cry from the throttling tuk-tuks and endless traffic jams, there lives a ... Read More

Perempuan: Domestic violence activism in Indonesia

Katreena Bacatan- May 2, 2017

Gendered violence and violence against women is a systemic problem all around the world. (more…) Read More

Head vs Heart

Maya Fellows- October 16, 2017

Are we willing to have our organs harvested when we die? What if that choice  (more…) Read More

Symbiosis: Religion and Culture in India.

Tobias Jurss-Lewis- October 24, 2018

It seems strange, to an Australian, the marriage of religion and culture. But India's history is expansive and the involvement of religion therein is undeniable. Through ... Read More

Pushing Depok’s Panic Button

Ebony Harris- April 17, 2017

Depok is a vibrant and bustling city, located just on the southern border of Jakarta, yet in the past this has attracted some undesirable attention. ... Read More