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The Unexpected Colours of Jaipur

Eliza Crisp- September 25, 2017

It happened immediately. Driving from the Delhi airport, our taxi snaking across a 16-lane highway, our brains scrambled to decipher what we were seeing. Cars, ... Read More

Ekta Wassan on the ABC’s of Indian etiquette

Kate Sheahan- October 18, 2016

By Kate Sheahan Hidden inside the Hyatt Regency hotel in Mumbai is the bespoke academy of style in India, the Wasan Knowledge Hub. The finishing ... Read More

Ganesh Chaturthi: explosive dance and colour in Jaipur

Jasmine Hines- September 26, 2018

Ganesh Chaturthi is the wildly popular 10 to 12 day festival in India which celebrates Lord Ganesh's birthday. Ganesh Chaturthi's festival see's coloured powder and ... Read More

Making foodie friends in Mumbai: meet Kiran, The Hungry Cancerian

Sophie Wright- October 18, 2016

By Sophie Wright Developing countries such as India are slowly starting to harness the power of social media as a mass marketing tool. One Indian ... Read More

Climate Crisis

Johnpaul Gonzo- October 16, 2017

One fifth of the world's suicides occur in India, with farmers significantly overrepresented in suicide data. Now, a ground breaking US study has shed light ... Read More

Mumbai’s Train System: Women Only Carriages

Samantha Butler- October 23, 2016

By Samantha Butler For years, trains in Mumbai have had carriages reserved for women, in an attempt to provide them with safety and prevent harassment. ... Read More

Mumbai, India: The First 24hrs

Connie Li- September 25, 2016

By Connie Li Despite it being my first time in India, to me, Mumbai feels familiar. (more…) Read More

The loneliest taxidermist: how Dr Santosh Gaikwad is fighting to save the legacy of India’s wildlife

John Ballot- October 14, 2016

By John Ballot When India’s last Siberian tiger died in the Himalayan hill station of Nianital, park rangers knew there was only one person in ... Read More

Voluntourism: Helpful or Harmful?

Beth Westmore- May 12, 2017

Volunteer tourism in Jakarta has come under scrutiny over the past few years. Experts wonder if this million dollar industry is really helping those in ... Read More

An introduction to Mumbai

Sophie Wright- September 25, 2016

By Sophie Wright Mumbai is big. It’s chaotic. The streets are dirty. It smells horrendous. Be prepared to be stared at, followed, and hassled incessantly ... Read More

Religion Is Reflected in Architecture

Beth Westmore- April 17, 2017

Clean cut lines and geometric shapes envelope over 27,000 square feet of prime real estate in Central Jakarta. The Istiqlal Mosque is not only a ... Read More