Fasting experiences shared during Ramadan

Muslims in Brisbane has shared their experience of Ramadan with JACdigital in a series of ...

Muslims are more likely to be swing voters.

Muslims are more likely to vote for a politician based on their policy than their part...

Rally for equal rights takes to the streets

Equal Love take to the streets to protest for gay marriage rights. (more…)

Surrogacy ban restricts normal life experience

Queensland’s latest surrogacy ban restrict same-sex couples, singles and heterosexua...

Low-grade ecstacy pushes users to ice

Brisbane's drug scene has seen a recent increase in the use of illegal methamphetamine...

Ramadan fasting raises health debates

Ramadan, the Muslim holy month that consists of daily fasting and is accompanied by a ...

Kuraby cooks a feast after Ramadan

On Saturday 19th August, Muslims from all over Brisbane gathered in Svoboda Park, Kuraby t...

Flying the Rainbow Flag

[oqeygallery id=30]   The rousing chants and war cries demanding equality and a...

Muslims fast in Ramadan

Islam is a minority religion in Australia with only 2.25 per cent of Muslims. However, acc...

Christian groups at odds over marriage equality

Australian Christian Lobby Queensland director Wendy Francis says the newly formed A P...

Security inquiry a threat to privacy

Internet privacy could be under threat if the federal government adopts the recommenda...

Brisbane a model for Muslim integration

Despite being widely regarded as Australia’s most conservative state, Queensland is...

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