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UQ in Indonesia

Are Western tourists sightseeing or the attraction?

Teilya Macfarlane- April 17, 2017

“Bule, Bule! Photo, photo!” is the phrase every western tourist in Jakarta, Indonesia hears. To Indonesian locals, western tourists are like celebrities, and they won’t ... Read More

Crowded Network: Exposing Jakarta’s Power Line Problem

Timothy Swanston- April 17, 2017

Indonesia’s appetite for electricity is growing as rapidly as its economy, an economic powerhouse hungering for a more advanced energy grid. Unfortunately, the minimal investment ... Read More

Pushing Depok’s Panic Button

Ebony Harris- April 17, 2017

Depok is a vibrant and bustling city, located just on the southern border of Jakarta, yet in the past this has attracted some undesirable attention. ... Read More

Finding beauty beneath the haze

Jenna Lindberg- April 17, 2017

“Turn right for good photos”.  Clearly an invitation not to be missed by three aspiring journalists. It’s now somewhat apparent that the fat black cameras ... Read More

Practicing Diversity: Celebrating Easter in Indonesia

Katreena Bacatan- April 17, 2017

The national celebration of Easter in Indonesia is a symbol of the country’s commitment to its belief in "Unity in Diversity" despite recent racial and ... Read More

Exposing the dark side of Indonesia Tourism

Drew Timbs- April 17, 2017

Despite the supposed ban of horse-drawn carriages in 2010, according to the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), this transport method remains a popular tourist attraction ... Read More

Road Safety in Indonesia is a work-in-progress

Meaghan Crooks- April 17, 2017

No lanes, no seat belts, no traffic lights and for drivers in Jakarta, no worries. With some of the most lenient road safety laws and ... Read More

Colourful fresh produce highlights vibrant local culture

Justin Lillecrapp- April 17, 2017

The local markets in Depok are a maze of alleyways and muddied pathways. Rows of shack-like structures stand side by side each containing their own ... Read More

Religion Is Reflected in Architecture

Beth Westmore- April 17, 2017

Clean cut lines and geometric shapes envelope over 27,000 square feet of prime real estate in Central Jakarta. The Istiqlal Mosque is not only a ... Read More

Learning English from tourists

Elora Ghea- April 17, 2017

  Learning a new language is hard, but Indonesian students are using a clever method for improving their English communication skills. Fatahillah Square in Jakarta ... Read More

Hidden in plain sight: finding remnants of violence

Rachael Blackman- April 16, 2017

May 1998 was a dangerous time to be a Chinese Indonesian in the city of Jakarta.  The murder of four student protesters in Jakarta and ... Read More

Unity in Diversity: Exploring Fatahillah Square

Sophie Volker- April 16, 2017

Busker entertains locals in Fatahillah Square. In the 16th century, a commander for the Sultanate of Demak named Fatahillah recaptured the Old Town of Jakarta from ... Read More