Promotional Culture – COMU3150

Madison Whyte- August 18, 2023

Part 1 - Madison Whyte Part 2 - Madison Whyte                                ... Read More

You’re Being Marketed Without Knowing It: How the Vagueness of Instagrams Privacy Policy Ties into Promotional Culture

Matthew Hamilton- August 17, 2023

It is always important to stay informed on the apps you are using. This video breaks down the reason behind targeted ads and is meant ... Read More

Fashion with a purpose

Bronte Louise Flynn- November 9, 2022 Did you know that the average garment is only worn 7 times before being discarded? To extend the life of garments and make ethically ... Read More

Green Queens Podcast

Stephanie Felesina- November 9, 2022

  Looking for your weekly fix of Sustainability? The all-new Green Queens Podcast is your bite-sized guide to all things sustainable at UQ. Hosted by ... Read More

Beat Plastic Pollution & Save the Ocean

Tsz Kwan Kimmy Kwong- November 9, 2022   This is an educational cinematic video to inspire people to change their attitude, we all have the ability to save the planet by ... Read More

Are electric vehicles really “new energy”?

Shijiao Feng- October 26, 2022 Read More

A story about sustainability

Chuang Zheng- October 26, 2022

Hello,this is my podcast link. Read More

Are electric vehicles really “new energy”?

Shijiao Feng- October 20, 2022

Are electric vehicles really "new energy”? The past and present of electric vehicles The world's first electric car was born in 1834, but it was ... Read More


Tsz Yan Yim- October 20, 2022

Many people argue that the success of the KPOP industry deconstructs sustainability ..... Check it out and see WHY?? s4615757 YIMTSZYAN COMU3130 ... Read More

Singy and the Forest Fire

Wanvisut Yongkamol- October 14, 2022

Long ago, before cities came up and people cut down trees, a little hummingbird, Singy, lived in the Daintree rainforest. Singy would always be the ... Read More

Only the Lid – A sustainability podcast about single use coffee cups

Sarah-Jane Patricia Coggan- October 14, 2022 How ‘Only the Lid’ came to be When planning this project, the idea of an educational podcast began to form. To emphasize the key ... Read More

The Climate Countdown

Madeleine Wright- October 18, 2021

The Climate Countdown Episode 9. Bee the Change Shownotes: 7 years, 281 days, 18 hours, and 30 minutes to save the planet. The Climate Countdown ... Read More