UQ in Jaipur

Robi’s Game

Jasmine Hines- October 29, 2018

Follow Robi as he recounts his life in a Bangladesh refugee camp after winning his semi-final soccer game in Brisbane, Australia. This is part three of ... Read More

Rohingya Education: Learning Jaipur

Jasmine Hines- October 29, 2018

A Rajasthani woman funds over fifty Rohingya children's education. An anthropologist considers refugee working conditions, while Jaipur's rubbish pickers work hard. One Rohingya man organises ... Read More

Rohingya Refugees in Jaipur

Jasmine Hines- October 29, 2018

A Rohingya refugee shares how his father helped him flee Myanmar when he was just a child. A Rajasthan Government representative and local Rajasthani weigh-in ... Read More

Children of the City

Anastasia White- October 25, 2017

Walk down the streets of Jaipur, visit its palaces and temples, and you’ll see them - performing magic shows, offering red forehead painting to tourists, ... Read More

History of the Pink City

Nazlee Salami- October 23, 2017

Nazlee Salami travels to Jaipur, India where she explores the history of 'the Pink City'. She visits many ancient forts and palaces where she reveals ... Read More

The People and their Puppets

Maegan Gillespie- October 19, 2017

In the heart of Jaipur, India, lives a community like no other. The Kathputli Colony or 'puppet makers slum' have been crafting Kathputli puppets for ... Read More

Deafening Silence

Maegan Gillespie- October 19, 2017

India's children are facing an epidemic of abuse, with 53% of Indian children having experienced sexual abuse. Yet the people are silent, government initiatives are ... Read More

“I don’t know what that is”

Maegan Gillespie- October 19, 2017

India's ignorance surrounding autism, a spark exploration into the impact stigma has on autistic children in India.   Read More

Being HIV Positive In India

Eliza Crisp- October 18, 2017

  After a delayed response to the initial threat of HIV, India has seen gradual improvements amongst the health of high-risk groups. Eliza Crisp travels ... Read More

Education: it’s a girl’s story

Elise Williams- October 17, 2017

In a time where the rest of the world is pushing for gender equality, parts of India, sadly, still do not believe in educating a ... Read More

The Third Gender

Mia Knight- October 17, 2017

'Blessings', 'curses' and 'transgender' aren't words that usually go together in the western world. However in India the discrimination faced by transgender persons is only ... Read More

Behind the Lines: India’s Political Cartoons

Kemii- October 17, 2017

Kemii Maguire investigates the world of political cartooning, in one of India's most illiterate states. Read More