Sustainability Stories

Sustainability 5Rs Around Us

Weng Chi Chan- November 9, 2022

Sustainability is an enormous and worldwide topic, but this doesn't mean we must make big changes in our lives. Everyone can do small things with ... Read More

Big Sis Chats Sustainability

Sarah Parry- November 9, 2022 Podcast Description: Hi sis! Welcome to this week’s podcast where we are diving into all things sustainability. Follow me on a walkthrough of the ... Read More

What A Waste

Rachel Henselien- November 9, 2022

What A Waste On this week's episode of Everyday Reflections: What A Waste. This week we will explore my sustainability reflections and journey to become ... Read More

Call on people to protect the earth: Protect the GREEN, Start from NOW

Huimeng Wang- November 9, 2022 Huimeng Wang I create a video to call on everyone to protect the earth. But unlike other videos on the market that call for ... Read More

The Phase Out of Single-Use Plastic

Laura Kelly- November 9, 2022

This podcast focuses on the ongoing phasing out of single-use plastic in Australia. Each state and territory's government is evaluating the situation and acting accordingly ... Read More

Workshop: Teach to reuse paper

Xuechun Jin- November 9, 2022 Reference: The World Counts. (2022). Paper Waste Facts. UQ Sustainability. (2022). Sustainability Tips. Read More

How to Navigate Sustainability on a Budget – Singapore Edition

Gillian Hezreen Morgan- November 9, 2022

It can be conflicting when deciding whether to purchase the more sustainable but violently more expensive brand on the rack or bulk buying several outfits ... Read More

Mauritius Oil Spill – Sometimes it Takes a Disaster

Georgianna Gibson- November 9, 2022   References: ABC News. (2020, August 29). Dead dolphins blamed on oil spill, thousands protest against government inaction in Mauritius. BBC My World. ... Read More

Abandon Fast Fashion, Make A Change.

Yizhen Guo- November 9, 2022 Some video footage is from: Read More

The inadvertent sustainable action in a sustainable travel

Si Pei Gan- November 9, 2022

Have you ever thought about how near your distance was with sustainable travel? Before I understood the concept of sustainability travel, I never thought sustainability ... Read More