The Old Windmill: A Mode of Torture – Episode from ‘A Lifetime Ago’ podcast series

Chloe Cufflin- January 25, 2021

Chloe Cufflin Listen to the second episode of the 'A Lifetime Ago' podcast series, The Old Windmill: A Mode of Torture. This episode looks at ... Read More

Media Platforms

JacDigital- December 5, 2018

Media Platforms (COMU3110) explores how media platforms are comprised of data-processing infrastructure, algorithms, interfaces and mobile devices. It critically examines the engineering projects of media ... Read More

Head vs Heart

Maya Fellows- October 16, 2017

Are we willing to have our organs harvested when we die? What if that choice  (more…) Read More

Health is the Industry’s Wealth

Juanita Egan- October 16, 2017

Tucked away in an alley off the main street of Jaipur, the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries are plagued by counterfeit medications and supplements. Boxes litter ... Read More

Bare City

Kemii- September 25, 2017 Transcript: Maguire: I’m currently walking through one of the local food markets here in Jaipur, Rajasthan – India’s tenth largest city. Along the footpath, ... Read More

The Queen Artivists of Jakarta

Amani Vassiliou- May 7, 2017 In October 2015, two fearless female artists at the forefront of a new movement in the DIY arts ‘n’ crafts communities of Jakarta travelled ... Read More

The dark bird of Indonesia

Meaghan Crooks- May 7, 2017

There are countless breeds of poultry across the world but none quite like the completely black Ayam Cemani. The chickens' striking black appearance has given ... Read More

MACAN: A Turn for Indonesia’s Art World

Amani Vassiliou- May 6, 2017

In November of 2017, a revolutionary arts venue in West Jakarta is set to open its doors to the public ushering in a new era ... Read More

A Choice: Wearing the Hijab in Indonesia

Katreena Bacatan- April 21, 2017

Debate about the hijab in Christian majority Australia has grown heated throughout the years and raised questions of safety, race, and religion. However, in Indonesia, ... Read More

‘We Won’t Be Silenced’

Teilya Macfarlane- April 21, 2017

Busking in Indonesia is controversial. Some busk purely with the intention to make a few dollars, whilst others have professional music aspirations. With a vision ... Read More

MRT to alleviate Jakarta’s notorious traffic soon

Sophie Volker- April 20, 2017

It’s taken almost 40 years since its conception, but the Jakarta Mass Rail Transport (MRT) is finally on its way to completion. With estimates that ... Read More