UQ in the South Burnett

The Secret Life of Duboisia

Makenna Baily- October 18, 2019

The South Burnett Region boasts the largest proportion of the world's Duboisia, yet it remains one of Australia's most well-kept secrets. Read more about the ... Read More

Wildlife Rescuers Suffer in the Drought

Rachael Rosel- October 18, 2019

Full-time wildlife rescuers Kayleen England and Col Newson are pushing through the worst conditions they've ever seen. Read the story here. Read More

When It Rains, It Rains Dollars: Combatting the Drought in Regional Queensland

Daisy Siddall- October 18, 2019

The ongoing drought is causing Queensland’s farmers untold concern, but South Burnett locals remain stoic and optimistic.  Peter Angel’s cattle farm has been in the ... Read More

The Ration Shed: The Heart of Cherbourg

Makenna Baily- October 18, 2019

The Ration Shed Museum celebrated its 15th Birthday earlier this month on the 4th of October.  Located in the heart of Cherbourg, the cultural and historical ... Read More

Local artist and youth tasked with reclaiming Murgon public spaces

Dante Aloni- October 17, 2019

Watch the video HERE Local Indigenous artist, Kane Brunjes, has been tasked with reclaiming and reshaping Murgon's public spaces. Working alongside youth volunteers, Kane's work ... Read More

Animal rescue services run off their feet in the South Burnett

Ted Roker- October 17, 2019

Wildlife is on the move and that's what makes this time of year trauma season on our roads. Animal rescue services are working night and ... Read More

Calls for More Mental Health Funding in Queensland’s Rural Areas

Ted Roker- October 17, 2019

In drought hit Queensland, rain is not the only thing in short supply. It can take weeks to access mental health support in Queensland’s rural ... Read More

$3 million footpath to connect Murgon and Cherbourg: Road to resistance or pathway to peace?

Makenna Baily- October 17, 2019

Earlier this year, the Australian Government announced $3 million in funding to develop a footpath connecting the communities of Murgon and Cherbourg, but the project ... Read More

The Hidden Cultural Hub of the South Burnett

Chelsea Clark- October 16, 2019

Wondai is one of the many small Queensland towns that has been left off the Google Street View trail for the last ten years. Google ... Read More

Murgon PCYC’s Byte Nite continues despite lack of formal funding

Rachael Rosel- October 16, 2019

Murgon PCYC’s fortnightly Byte Nite has no plans of slowing down despite unpredictable funding. Police Sergeant Rene Boyd, manager of the South Burnett PCYC, said ... Read More

Cherbourg community faces rise in youth suicide

Rachael Rosel- October 16, 2019

Youth suicide is taking a tremendous toll on the community of Cherbourg. Local community member Uncle Eric works at the Ration Shed and also helps ... Read More

Episode 3: 4UM

Ted Roker- October 14, 2019

In the third and final episode, Ted and Rachael have a chat with Chrissy from Us Mob FM. Chrissy opens up on some very sensitive ... Read More