Xueer Lin- August 18, 2023

COMU3150   Xueer Lin   s4731865 promotional culture about Japanese Anime Read More

YouTube’s Merch Shelf : Bridging Promotional Culture and Content Creation

Zekai Zheng- August 18, 2023

YouTube's Merch Shelf Bridging Promotional Culture and Content Creation Read More

COMU3150 Assignment 1 – Promotional Culture in Video Games David Tang 47389036

David Tang- August 17, 2023 Read More

Sustainability 5Rs Around Us

Weng Chi Chan- November 9, 2022

Sustainability is an enormous and worldwide topic, but this doesn't mean we must make big changes in our lives. Everyone can do small things with ... Read More

My Sustainable Make-up

Mai Sanada- November 9, 2022 References: EVERGLOW COSMETICS. (n.d.). IPSA Designing Face Color Palette. Kristelle. (2018, January 5). Make Up Forever Artist Shadow High Impact Eyes Shadow. Crystal ... Read More

Vlog-My Sustainable Lifestyle-Zero waste tips

Ruiyuan Ma- October 26, 2022 I was inspired by a book by Melbourne-based author Erin, "Waste not everyday". This book is for beginners of a zero waste lifestyle. ... Read More

Commuting and My Internship

Jiaqi Yuan- October 20, 2022

This term, I work in NIO, a new energy car corporation. The workplace is 4 kilometres from my home, so using a traffic vehicle is ... Read More

Correct recycling? The issue with coffee cups

Remi Wright- October 15, 2022 Couldn't upload the video on JACDigital due to the file size. But you can access my video via google drive in the link above. Read More

COMU3150 Muhammad Caesar Satyadeka (47101470) – Pre-Orders and Promotional Culture

Muhammad Caesar Satyadeka- August 19, 2022

Objectives The objective of this project is to hopefully start a discussion on the market practices of pre-orders in gaming, to do this a 3-minute ... Read More

COMU3150 Ali Farhan Akhmad – A Fresh Take on Promotional Culture in Gacha Game, A case Study of Genshin Impact

Ali Farhan Akhmad- August 19, 2022

The community plays a huge role in a video games revenue whether it is through promoting the game or character or just having a discussion ... Read More