Workshop: Teach to reuse paper

Xuechun Jin- November 9, 2022 Reference: The World Counts. (2022). Paper Waste Facts. UQ Sustainability. (2022). Sustainability Tips. Read More

Lifting a finger, there is so much more we can do.

Linghang Kong- November 9, 2022

It was the summer of 2019 when I really realised that maybe we should do something about this planet. If I had to sum up ... Read More

Sustainability isn’t your responsibility. . . until it is

Jake Peter Gitsham- November 9, 2022

In my opinion, practicing sustainability is easier said than done. People shouldn’t feel guilty for indulging their creature comforts. Whether it’s leaving your fan running ... Read More

Operation “Make Sustainability Trendy”: An Interview with Mondo Hire’s Lily Blucher

Kate Janice Gibbons- November 9, 2022

We have seen a huge spike in dress hire accounts on Instagram in recent years. Hiring out clothes is a great contribution to the Reduce, ... Read More

The Imperfect Environmentalist

Eloise Grace Linneth- November 9, 2022

The Imperfect Environmentalist These days people associate sustainability with extremes. No one can seem to find the perfect balance of convenience and sustainability. Today, we ... Read More

Beat Plastic Pollution & Save the Ocean

Tsz Kwan Kimmy Kwong- November 9, 2022   This is an educational cinematic video to inspire people to change their attitude, we all have the ability to save the planet by ... Read More

Vlog-My Sustainable Lifestyle-Zero waste tips

Ruiyuan Ma- October 26, 2022 I was inspired by a book by Melbourne-based author Erin, "Waste not everyday". This book is for beginners of a zero waste lifestyle. ... Read More

New energy vehicles – the central engine of sustainable development worldwide!

QIQI ZHU- October 20, 2022

In recent years, we have always seen different kinds of new energy vehicles on the road frequently, but do you know anything about them? What ... Read More

Correct recycling? The issue with coffee cups

Remi Wright- October 15, 2022 Couldn't upload the video on JACDigital due to the file size. But you can access my video via google drive in the link above. Read More

Eco-Anxiety: The Roadblock to Sustainability

Sharna Limb- November 8, 2021

If I am to be perfectly candid here, I have never had a vested interest in sustainability. I didn’t avoid it – my plastics go ... Read More


Yumeng Wu- October 18, 2021

SEA SUSTAINABILITY Coral reef ecosystems are not only biologically rich but also a source of natural beauty, and they provide countless services to the coastal ... Read More

Empowering Sustainable Change in Queensland

Meg Collins- October 18, 2021 To find out more head to  Certain video shots obtained from References: Queensland Government. (2020). About Containers for Change.,containers%20are%20made%20of%20plastic  Containers for Change. ... Read More