Sustainability 5Rs Around Us

Weng Chi Chan- November 9, 2022

Sustainability is an enormous and worldwide topic, but this doesn't mean we must make big changes in our lives. Everyone can do small things with ... Read More

Milk and Sustainability

Wing Chung Lam- November 9, 2022

Milk is pronounced as one of the most nutritious foods and is daily necessary for many people. For over a century, we were told we ... Read More

Sustainability isn’t your responsibility. . . until it is

Jake Peter Gitsham- November 9, 2022

In my opinion, practicing sustainability is easier said than done. People shouldn’t feel guilty for indulging their creature comforts. Whether it’s leaving your fan running ... Read More

A Personal Life Experience: How Food Waste Slapped the Sustainability Out of Me

Sinatrya Perdana Bayu Aji- November 9, 2022

Introduction What comes to our mind when we talk about ‘food waste’? Well for me, it’s merely just food that people don’t finish then they ... Read More

The Imperfect Environmentalist

Eloise Grace Linneth- November 9, 2022

The Imperfect Environmentalist These days people associate sustainability with extremes. No one can seem to find the perfect balance of convenience and sustainability. Today, we ... Read More

The sustainable future of global agriculture: Mr. Yuan – Father of Hybrid Rice

Enci Ye- October 20, 2022

'Zero hunger'  is one of the United Nations' 17 sustainable development goals. Sustainability is not only about climate change, responsible consumption, and renewable energy...... It ... Read More

Living Green: A guide to sustainability in your 20s

Jessica Cuskelly- October 25, 2021

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100 Ways to Live More Sustainably

Yu-Shuang Lin- October 18, 2021

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PROJECT PLANT-BASED: A Sustainability Challenge

Cate Dann- October 18, 2021

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The Power of Food – Driving Change with OzHarvest

Lucy Philp- October 18, 2021

THE POWER OF FOOD Michaela Windsor, the Engagement Manager at OzHarvest, and I talk about all things food waste and sustainability. We chat about the ... Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Life Sustainability

Jiayu Wang- October 18, 2021

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Start bringing your own cups!

Kam Man Chong- October 18, 2021

Lessons from my environmental sustainability project competition. Despite living in a time when technological advancements have crossed the boundaries of human excellence, the lack of ... Read More