PROJECT PLANT-BASED: A Sustainability Challenge

PROJECT PLANT-BASED: A Sustainability Challenge

Welcome to Project Plant-Based, a sustainability challenge encouraging young people to incorporate more plant-based eating habits into their diets.

In today’s video, I challenged my partner, Damian, to cook an entirely plant-based, protein-packed, and planet-friendly meal. I also provide an insight into the harmful impacts of the agriculture industry, and explain why reducing your intake of animal products is one of the easiest ways to practice sustainability, particularly as a University student!

Hungry yet?

If you’d like to cook up a sustainable storm try out this delicious meal for yourself, head here for the recipe!

For more sustainable, plant-based recipes that are protein-packed and planet-friendly, plus tonnes of helpful tips and reviews, make sure to follow @projectplantbased__ on Instagram.

Finally get involved in the challenge and share your own culinary creations using the #projectplantbased hashtag!

Happy cooking!



Video created in partnership with UQ Sustainability Office for #iSustain.