COMU3150 Eric Unternahrer Stratergy and Video

Eric Unternahrer- September 14, 2023

To examine and exhibit how ‘self-branding’ on the platform of Instagram has resulted in unethical commodification of influencers bodies, specifically regarding fitness and gym culture ... Read More


Stephanie Felesina- September 14, 2023

Promotional Culture x Zepotha x Tik Tok 2023 Stephanie Felesina View the video(s) here: https://www.tiktok.com/@stephfelldown/video/7270176498735254802?lang=enhttps://www.tiktok.com/@stephfelldown/video/7270394800157904135?lang=en https://www.tiktok.com/@stephfelldown/video/7270393273510907154?lang=en Read More

Behind Every Click: Navigating the Depths of Promotional Culture

Yupu Chen- September 14, 2023

https://vimeo.com/855397225?share=copy In the age where self-expression meets digital amplification, we're surrounded by an incessant drive to promote. Every click, every filter, every share holds within ... Read More

COMU3150 – Doja Cat and Tiktok

Andina Agharid Charnova- August 18, 2023

Assessment 1 create - COMU3150 How tiktok users engage with the promotion of Doja Cat's song "say so" by doing the dance of Haley Sharpe ... Read More

COMU3150 Social Media Communication Immersive Packaging & Promotional culture

Ying Zhang 47206795- August 18, 2023

The video is too large and cannot be uploaded after compression. This video line: https://vimeo.com/jacdigital/yingzhang47206795?share=copy Read More


Junshan Zhao- August 18, 2023

https://vimeo.com/855478459?share=copy   Video link?https://vimeo.com/855478459?share=copy Read More

COMU3150 Promotional Culture & Self-Branding: #filmisnotdead

Rusyda Ramadhania Habriansyah- August 18, 2023

Are you somebody who likes film photography to reject modern trends? Do you post your film pictures online with hashtags such as #35mm, #filmisnotdead or ... Read More

Jack Gray S46987613 Promotional Culture Tiktok

Jack Gray- August 18, 2023

https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/8ql5m7c1y4u3pz9801qtk/s46987613TIKTOK.MOV?rlkey=89z9x9sfb918l81tje1urx1yl&dl=0 Read More