Social Media Communication

COMU 3150 Assignment 1 (Video) Tang On Shun s4672817

On Shun Tang- September 14, 2023

Promotional Culture Video The purpose of this video is to provide people with a better understanding of the backside meaning and operation of promotional culture. ... Read More

#BerkainBersama Social Media Strategy

Malaikha Dayanara Kridaman- September 14, 2023

Joining the #BerkainBersama trend that has been going on since 2021. Let’s discuss the correlation between the trend and promotional culture, shall we? Stitch your ... Read More

Promotion Culture of Kpop’s Surrounding Product Economy

Yuetong Zhao- September 14, 2023

Promotion Culture of Kpop's Surrounding Product Economy Why is Kpop's promotional culture so successful? Read More

COMU3150 Eric Unternahrer Stratergy and Video

Eric Unternahrer- September 14, 2023

To examine and exhibit how ‘self-branding’ on the platform of Instagram has resulted in unethical commodification of influencers bodies, specifically regarding fitness and gym culture ... Read More

AR Snapchat Filters For Promotional Culture

Putrisoza Nurhaliza- September 14, 2023

AR Snapchat Filters For Promotional Culture Does using filters counts as promotional culture? Well MAC Cosmetics answered your question through their  shoppable AR filters partnering ... Read More

Why Didn’t L’occitane Leave Russia?

Wanyuan Marilyn Tang- September 14, 2023

Wanyuan Marilyn Tang, s47541209 This video aims to spread awareness on promotional culture and its entanglement with Brands leaving Russia. Read More