COMU3150 Muhammad Caesar Satyadeka (47101470) – Pre-Orders and Promotional Culture

The objective of this project is to hopefully start a discussion on the market practices of pre-orders in gaming, to do this a 3-minute long video will be used to explain how promotional culture helps game companies to sell essentially a product that doesn’t exist yet. This will be a video essay that will primarily target future university students who have an interest in gaming since they are the most likely candidate to start a discussion on this topic.
To achieve this goal a SMART goal will be used to help make this objective achievable. For Specific, the goal of this project will be to have the targeted audience think more before pre-ordering a game and to create a discussion on game pre-orders. For Measurable, the goal of the video is to reach at least 100 views with an engagement rate of 50% on Instagram while the goal for TikTok is to reach at least 250 views with an engagement rate of 75%. For Achievable, the goal for this goal is fairly achievable since the tools to create and edit videos are readily available on our phones. as for achieving the view and engagement rate goal, it is possible to use a 3rd-party app to be able to gauge who and when our target audience will most likely see the content. As for the Relevant, the project is fairly in line with the goal of the project since it allows the biggest reach while allowing audiences to easily engage with the project. As for Time-Bound, the project is expected to last for 2 weeks since it gives it time to reach the intended audience and also lets us be able to gauge the success of the video better.

Target Audience
The target audience for this project will be future university students, specifically those between the ages of 16-24 that has an interest in gaming and with constant disposable income. This is because the topic will resonate better with these people than with other people since they might not be affected as much by the problem.

A 3-minute video will be used to convey the message to reach and engage with the targeted audience. This is because the audience will more likely stay and watch a video than look at something static, to further help with engagement a more lax and funny tone to the video will help with making sure the audience stays and try to engage with the video.

A hook at the start of the video will also help with making sure audiences stick around for the rest of the video, this way they will be more likely to stay and engage with the video instead of passing by. To achieve this the video will start with a short story that is relatable and funny, this will hopefully let our targeted audience hooked and try to comment on or discuss the topic.

A short case study will also be used in the video to help explain some concepts and make the video more relatable to the audience, this will also help with retaining the audience’s focus and help them start a discussion. To get to the targeted reach of the project, the usage of hashtags and boosting to help get the video to the intended audience.

The goal of this project is to induce critical thinking in the targeted audience this is because the project aims to make the audience think further before pre-ordering a product since a lot of the promotional practices behind pre-orders are often misleading and anti-consumer. The best case to be made for this is in the video games market since these practices are fairly common and are usually met with a fairly luke-warm reception, this is because these companies are practically selling promises that might not be true.

Evaluation Metrics
The effectiveness of the project is gauged purely on the engagement of the audience since the project’s goal is to have a discussion based on the topic. Because of that, the project would be a success if any of the SMART goals is surpassed or reached. though if any of the SMART goals are not achieved, the data from this project could be later re-evaluated and be used to improve later on future projects.