Hedda Project cements itself as indispensable experience for students

Matthew Johnson- November 26, 2018

The Hedda Project was one of the strands that made up the inaugural Vanguard Theatre Festival, from October 24th to October 26th this year at ... Read More

That’s a wrap! Curtains close on inaugural Vanguard Festival

Matthew Johnson- November 10, 2018

https://vimeo.com/299996835 For three consecutive nights The University of Queensland’s Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio played host to a sold out Vanguard Theatre Festival. It was a ... Read More

Turnbull on the rebound

Aiden Taylor- October 30, 2018

Since being ousted from office, Malcolm Turnbull has been reeling back public sentiment with his latest tell-all show. Two sell-out crowds took over the chamber ... Read More

QB Swan Lake- An evening of dance for all

Chelsea Clark- October 22, 2018

A night of ballet under the stars. It’s a concept that sounds enticing, maybe even a little foreign. But Queensland Ballet knows how to do ... Read More

Upcoming Shows Not to be Missed on Netflix

Anna Subuhan- October 2, 2018

Netflix has been upping the ante and adding shows that are sure to not disappoint. When all of your assignments are in and exams are ... Read More

70th Primetime Emmy Awards recap and full list of winners

Ciara Jones- September 19, 2018

Betty White made an appearance and there was an even on-stage marriage proposal - but our very own Hannah Gadsby stole the show. Yesterday's 70th ... Read More

Who Is America?: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Will Atkins- September 1, 2018

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? (2018) debuted July 15, 2018, but I didn’t start watching it until last Saturday, August 25. I planned on ... Read More

Better Call Saul is Back

Will Atkins- August 28, 2018

In the first episode of Season 4, everything’s not all good man. Last time we visited the McGill brothers, Chuck and Jimmy were estranged after ... Read More

Amity University Jaipur welcomes UQ journalism students

Bruce Woolley- October 7, 2017

  The 'UQ in Jaipur' team has worked very closely with 20 students from Amity University in Jaipur to bring you the engaging stories on ... Read More

Windows into Jakarta – a photo essay

Timothy Swanston- April 24, 2017

35mm. f2.5 1/1600. Jordan McMullen works on his piece early in the morning, preparing for the big day ahead. 35mm. f2.5 1/2000. A family sit ... Read More

The loneliest taxidermist: how Dr Santosh Gaikwad is fighting to save the legacy of India’s wildlife

John Ballot- October 14, 2016

By John Ballot When India’s last Siberian tiger died in the Himalayan hill station of Nianital, park rangers knew there was only one person in ... Read More

Mumbai, India: The First 24hrs

Connie Li- September 25, 2016

By Connie Li Despite it being my first time in India, to me, Mumbai feels familiar. (more…) Read More