Simply Sustainable: Student edition

This podcast is a part of the series Climate Conversations and this episode is:

Simply Sustainable – Student Edition

Sustainability can be hard to wrap your head around at first. You might find yourself wondering where to start, especially while living on a student budget. If that is so, make sure to watch my podcast, embedded above, where I talk about all things sustainability including some hot tips and some challenges with a special guest Jayana, a fellow student at UQ.

It might seem intimidating, but there are inexpensive and fun ways to incorporate sustainability into your lifestyle and here are some of them:

Now that you are aware of someways to be incorporate sustainability into your everyday life, here are some top tips for getting more involved and practicing sustainability as a student:

Sustainability can be overwhelming sometimes and whether it be Climate Anxiety or just general anxiety regarding how to be sustainable, take a deep breath and remember:

Hope this was helpful!