Author: Eliza Crisp

Eliza is in her final year of a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Queensland. After taking an *extended* gap year to live in London, Vancouver and Melbourne, she has returned to Brisbane to finish her studies. Eliza has a raging tea habit, and an unhealthy addiction to washed rind cheese.

Being HIV Positive In India

Eliza Crisp- October 18, 2017

  After a delayed response to the initial threat of HIV, India has seen gradual improvements amongst the health of high-risk groups. Eliza Crisp travels ... Read More

The Unexpected Colours of Jaipur

Eliza Crisp- September 25, 2017

It happened immediately. Driving from the Delhi airport, our taxi snaking across a 16-lane highway, our brains scrambled to decipher what we were seeing. Cars, ... Read More