Author: Mia Knight

Mia is a final year Journalism student at the University of Queensland. As a member of the UQ in Jaipur 2017 team, Mia aims to create visually stimulating content and develop essential skills as an aspiring foreign correspondent while reporting in India.

The Third Gender

Mia Knight- October 17, 2017

'Blessings', 'curses' and 'transgender' aren't words that usually go together in the western world. However in India the discrimination faced by transgender persons is only ... Read More

Rajasthan’s Palace Painters experiencing high demand

Mia Knight- October 10, 2017

The Palaces of Rajasthan are flooded by tourists every day. Often overlooked are the painters who keep such tourist hot spots in peak condition. Read More

Snake charmers of Jaipur

Mia Knight- September 25, 2017

Snake charmer Kahnu Nath and his cobra, Raju play for hours at a time, entertaining tourists and locals on the streets of Jaipur. Read More