Flood-ravaged communities tackle mental illness

The January floods were an event few in the Lockyer Valley will forget, but as the community rebuilds, serious, long-term effects such as mental illnesses are emerging among flood survivors.

Community wellbeing council’s top priority

When three quarters of south-east Queensland flooded in January, Eddie Sloan’s farm was not spared.

Mr Sloan, who was previously diagnosed with depression, was stranded alone for a week. He recalls that during this time many of his old demons began to haunt him again with new fears also surfacing.

Mr Sloan was a guest speaker at the Lockyer Valley’s Wellbeing Expo, held on October 15, 2011.

He shared his story about being a depression sufferer and flood survivor to inspire confidence in the community and assure them that things will inevitably work out.

The Wellbeing Expo centered around a similar theme with positive thinking, healthy lifestyle choices and community spirit being promoted.


Wellbeing Expo