Sustainability is a wicked or blurry concept that is (over- or even ab-)used in political and corporate communication. Individuals find the concept hard to understand and put into use. Stories (narratives) help people to make sense of complex concepts – like sustainability – and to better understand the world and share their experiences and understanding with others.

Therefore, the COMU3130 PR-students conceptualized, planned, and created a “social network” of shared experiences and sustainability stories to help each other learn about their relationship with the environment – ecologically and socially – and create awareness and behaviour change. It all started on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/736362487205494 and developed into this beautiful storytelling platform right here on jacdigital.

Everyone can now further participate by uploading more stories, videos, podcasts and photos about their (un)sustainable behaviour, about how they “sustain“, and share the stories in their own networks.

contact: Franzisca Weder ([email protected])

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