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Sustainable Mobility in a Pandemic

Henry Man- October 18, 2021

https://soundcloud.com/user-30527424/netzero-podcast-sustainability-in-a-pandemic-transport-comu3130-henry-man/s-SvbAmn6xOFt?si=ed1a7710658d44a1b42a330e94015036 How can we balance sustainable mobility and public health in a global pandemic? Henry Man investigates how our behaviours are shifting away from public, ... Read More

Brisbane public transport fails to deliver

Maggie Catlow- November 7, 2012

Students from the University of Queensland (UQ) St Lucia campus are angry and frustrated at Translink and Queensland Rail services. Read More

Students break down public transport

Sarah Ballard- October 21, 2012

Students at the University of Queensland are gradually increasing their use of public transport, hear what they have to say. Read More

Costs and new roads means fewer catch the bus

Tara Capel- October 20, 2012

Despite multiple improvements to Brisbane’s public transport network the number of people using the system is falling. Read More

Lack of parking angers student commuters

Maggie Catlow- October 17, 2012

University students who travel into campus on public transport are struggling to find a car park at their local train station and bus stop. Read More

UQ students drive to class

Tara Capel- September 21, 2012

University of Queensland (UQ) students are choosing to drive to university rather than catch public transport. Read More

UQ parking premium infuriates students and staff

Sarah Ballard- September 20, 2012

Students and staff at the University of Queensland compete for car parks, misconceptions over commuter parking issue. Read More