Fresh and Rosey

Fresh and Rosey

It’s impossible to miss the small fruit store set up near one of the many gravel paths leading though Woodford Festival. Although they’re vibrant and quirky, it’s not the handmade strawberry patterned rugs that get your attention, but it’s Rosey yelling out “get two punnets of strawberries for six dollars!”

Loyal to the festival for its full 30 years, Rosey is a mother and wife of a farmer which she made very clear while frantically applying some lipstick and powder for the camera.  This year she made the move from visitor to store holder, selling local strawberries, figs and mangoes under the family business, Wamuran Berries.

The one thing Rosey repeated more often than her ‘married to a farmer’ status was Wamuran Berries’ morals.

“We believe in local fruit, supporting local farmers, and keeping the prices down,” Rosey said.

“Everything we’re selling is supporting local industry, and is beautiful and fresh.”

Wamuran Berries produce is grown on a family owned farm since 1967 and are available to Woodfordians throughout the festival.



Rose Richani

Rose is a second year Journalism student at The University of Queensland. She is interested and passionate about human rights, gender equality, culture, art and music. She likes to explore new places, ideas, people and their stories and in turn share these in different mediums (visual, audio and text) through online platforms.