Chinese Indonesians: A Human Narrative

Chinese Indonesians: A Human Narrative

From the biblical plight of Jews to Canaan, to the Vietnamese diaspora across the globe in the 1970’s, oppression has always been a part of the immigration narrative.

Chinese immigrants in Indonesia have experienced economic success, social prestige, violence, and discrimination.

This is a a legacy of Dutch colonial rule, which saw the differentiated classification of those of Chinese ancestry. Social perception and government policies concerning ethnic Chinese Indonesians have historically been wrought with discrimination.

Perceptions can change, and policies can be amended. Yet old habits die hard.

Click here to experience the story of Chinese Indonesians; aliens to their ancestral body, foreigners in their own homes.

Shi Pui Ng

Shi has a strong passion for communication and representation across cultures and mediums. Coming from an international relations and journalism background, he is interested in engaging and exploring sensitive dynamics in foreign affairs. He has had extensive experience travelling and working in Canada, and was involved with UQ's Student as Partners initiative.