30 Day Sustainability Challenge

I’ve decided to get a handful of people to participate in a 30 day sustainability challenge. I’m going to find people who aren’t environmentally or sustainability conscious to go a full month doing sustainable practices. For example if they are grabbing a coffee they can only use a keep cup and if they forget it at home they have to miss out on their coffee. The point of the challenge  will be to just try these simple practices into their daily routine to show that anyone is capable of making the changes. Even if the participants don’t stick to them solidly after the 30 days is up it still will help them learn that each individual choice they make everyday has some sort of impact on a sustainable level.

Some other examples and rules for the challenge are as follows:

– Using Keep cups, reusable straws and bags
– Shopping for clothes only at secondhand charity shops
– Cutting out meat from their diets including switching to non dairy milks and increasing plant based foods into diet
– Using only public transport, biking or walking to get around – Reducing plastic use and learning how to properly recycle
– Leave zero food waste by using 100% of items in the fridge so they don’t expire and get thrown out
– Leave a diary trail for each day on something they have learned and what they are getting out of the challenge

By following these rules for 30 days I hope to teach them that simple everyday decisions like these on a grassroots level can inspire everyone to have a change in their behaviour. Hopefully what the people will get out of the challenge is how each decision they make throughout the day can have an impact no matter how small.