A Brand New Bollywood

By Bridget Sloan

The film and television industry in India, is not only the largest in the world, but is also deeply rooted in the country’s culture.

Bollywood is one of the largest genres of film within India and is formally referred to as Hindi Cinema.

You don’t need an extensive knowledge of Indian films to know the basic conventions of a Bollywood movie.

They are celebrated for their unapologetic use of traditional song and dance, and passionate love stories.

However, in 2016, some of the stereotypical characters that audiences see again, and again in these films, have become dated in an era of social awareness and acceptance.

Specifically, the use of stereotyped female characters who serve no other purpose than visual effect.

To get a glimpse at a modern day Bollywood, I spoke to writers, directors, and production staff to discover what progression has really occurred, and what prejudices still remain.