A Journey to Minimalist Fashion

A Journey to Minimalist Fashion

The Connection between Byla and Fashion

As someone who has always been fascinated by fashion at an early age, Byla always fantasized about having a vast wardrobe full of clothing in a variety of designs and colors. Isn’t the dream a little shallow? However, it was certainly one of her childhood imagination. As she grew older, she was exposed to a wider range of apparel companies and models in the fashion industry. Given how quickly fashion trends shift with the times, she never want to be left behind. Every year, season, or other occasion, she keeps up with the latest fashion trends. At that time, she was not familiar with fast fashion or its negative influence on the environment. Fast fashion, turns out, produces a significant amount of fabric waste to the garment industry, which ultimately ends up in landfills.

But one day Byla noticed that, as much as she enjoy buying new clothes, she tend to have trouble finding outfits when she goes out. She attempts to think about why, despite the many clothings she bought until her wardrobe is overflowing, she still have difficulties finding something to wear. “I literally have nothing to wear!” Perhaps her mother is sick of hearing Byla says that, despite the fact that her mother knows she goes shopping frequently.

Until one night, she came upon a debate on Instagram by an influencer named Dinda Yasmin, who she had also discovered by chance. She was intrigued after taking a quick look at her Instagram since the outfits she was wearing appeared to be simple yet elegant. That night, Dinda led a discussion about how we should begin to give up consumerism and pursue slow fashion for the sake of our environment. She also shared her journey to practice minimalist fashion, the tips from her is that the most important thing is to find ‘your own personal style’.

She gasped at that point, realizing that she had been interested in and appreciated fashion all along. But she has no sense of her own particular style and frequently follow trends that aren’t necessary. Without realizing it, she was consumed by current social media trends, such as the shopping haul, the most well-known of which is the ‘Shein haul,’ in which influencers promote Shein, a fast fashion retailer, by exhibiting various types of outfits they purchase. The trend, it turns out, is not sustainable, and it, of course, conveys mass consumption to the general public. After what happened that night, she came to a realization that she wanted to try to learn about the dangers of massive fabric waste and about minimalist fashion as well.

Byla’s Journey  – Step by Step

Her minimalist fashion starts with research, research, and more research. She watched the Marie Kondo movie to learn more about this, even though it isn’t specifically about sustainable fashion. There was another spark of inspiration for her to keep only what ‘sparks joy’ and to get rid of clothing that she doesn’t truly need. Following that, she attempted to practice and sort out outfits that she believes truly reflect her own particular style. She doesn’t throw away items that are no longer in use; instead, she donate them to a particular organization that recycles discarded clothing into different varieties. She was quite proud of herself after that experience! It is certainly not easy, but even a tiny step is still a progress. Apart from finding out about ‘theory’ from the outside, she also looked for information within herself, namely the unique personal style. Maybe many people think that if we practice minimalism in fashion, it means we will be monotonous with black, white for example. Even though it depends on our own personal style, and we are free to choose it, it is totally fine if we prefer something colorful yet versatile.

Discovering Her Own Personal Style

The important thing is how we are aware of our own personal style and from there it will be easy for us to mix and match without having to buy new clothes all the time. Finding our own personal style is certainly not an easy thing, it takes time. But the tips from her experience, if you don’t have a problem using the outfit multiple times for various occasions, it might be your personal style since it means you’re comfortable. If you are still confused in determining your personal style, maybe this quiz will help you. Give it a shot!

After some time she practices minimalist fashion, Byla certainly feel the various benefits. The thing that she noticed the first time was, this is very helpful for saving up money. By finding your own unique fashion style, saving up money and saving up planet? what could go wrong?. Moreover, by implementing a minimalist wardrobe, she certainly become happier and confident. It’s a relief not to have to worry about following trends and becoming disoriented; you can mix and match for every occasion.

By doing so, you are also helping to save the environment, saving a lot of money, and establishing your own distinct personal style! Let me warn you: the journey will not be simple, but it will be well worth it! Remember that even the tiniest steps are still counts as steps. So, who wants to follow Byla’s journey?