A Letter to Humanity

A Letter to Humanity

A Letter to Humanity

October 13, 2022

Dear Humanity,

I am your earth, your once wonderful earth. What you are doing is not helping me, and I am writing to let you know this. You are causing me pain and destruction. Take a good look at the continents, the oceans and the rainforests where I have lost all my skin over the years. I was once full of energy and vitality, but now I have to struggle with the effects of climate change, land degradation and water pollution. The animals I care about have lost their habitat and marine life is dying from accidental ingestion. Global warming has long been a serious issue, and I have fought for it. However, over the years, the problem has become even more serious. Therefore, I cannot sit here and do nothing, and if this continues, you will lose me forever.

As far as I know, 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, which is unacceptable. Especially the producers of fossil fuels, who are the main cause of the current warming trend. Don’t try to tell me that burning fossil fuels does not release large amounts of CO2. Vehicles, coal-fueled power plants, major manufacturing facilities, aviation and shipping are all major contributors to this problem. Sure, you’ve tried to reduce pollution by switching to alternative fuel vehicles, but why not just give up driving and manufacturing products altogether? Do you put the economy ahead of my health?

Even so, I think it’s important to let you know what it takes to live a life with the least impact on the environment. To restate, sustainability can be achieved when environmental concerns, social justice and economic viability are all met. Since most pollution is caused by industry and commerce, I implore you to take a few simple steps to protect my health and save my health.

Wasted energy is a major contributor to environmental degradation, so improving energy efficiency is a priority. Please take the time to craft a comprehensive energy management strategy and put it into action, making every effort to utilize renewable power sources. The smallest changes can have the biggest impact. For example, if your office has a lot of windows, you can take advantage of natural light; otherwise, you should investigate energy-efficient alternatives to reduce daily energy waste. After doing some research, I found that 37% of the nation’s electricity comes from renewable sources, a figure that has increased tenfold since 2004 (according to a Friends of the Earth report). In other words, you are making progress and should continue to move in that direction.

Second, consider allowing telecommuting. When more tasks can be done remotely, fewer people will need to report to a physical workplace. In addition, it helps reduce vehicle pollution and emissions. Less traffic means fewer cars on the road, which means less carbon dioxide (CO2) being released into the atmosphere. In addition, you can incentivize employees to use trains, buses, subways or bike sharing by offering them discounts. And, if you can provide shuttles to take employees to and from work, all the better. Remember that carbon emissions from transportation account for a significant portion of all emissions.

Third, please stop using papers. Because trees are used to make paper, cutting them down doesn’t help me get better. While I recognize the need to use paper in the workplace, I encourage you to reduce it as much as possible. As an example, you could replace all of your employees’ need for paper with electronic devices and have them perform all of their tasks online.

However, population growth has a negative impact on sustainability because it increases the pressure for economic growth at the expense of the environment. Therefore, I ask you to control your population. Especially China! Since your population has reached 1.4 billion and you are the country with the largest population, it is not hard to imagine how much pollution you produce to harm me. You claim to account for 14.32% of all industrial CO2 emissions in the world. I am concerned that you have never seriously considered effectively reducing your pollution. I know you have cut steel production, closed coal mines, and announced a major environmental policy back in September 2013. Yet, information from the Environmental Protection Department 2021 shows that Hong Kong’s air quality has deteriorated. I don’t understand what’s happening. Is it because of the surge in production due to the increased demand for industrial production in the economy following the population boom? Also, did the upgrading of agriculture and animal husbandry play a role? So, if it all stems from a population problem, then control your population. The same idea should be implemented in every country with a large population.

Finally, I know you are trying your hardest to make the world a more sustainable place, but I also know that it is easier said than done, and that striving towards sustainability is a lifelong commitment for you humans. You humans only get one shot at life, but I plan to spend many, many more with you. Please love and respect me. I’m holding out hope that one day I’ll be able to regain my vigor.


Your planet