A Place of Reflection

A Place of Reflection

When you look around Jaipur it soon becomes evident that it is inevitable to see the reflection of the vibrant colours in architecture, dress and accessories at every corner you turn. During my time in Jaipur I spoke to some locals and tourists about the fascinating origins of mirrors and reflective styles, and how they are now found in many parts of Jaipur society.

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Even on the most gloomy of days, colour gleams off mirrored surfaces every corner you turn

Even on the most gloomy of days, colour gleams off the mirrored surfaces on accessories, clothes and architecture.

The fashion in Jaipur reflects the vibrance of the city.

The mirrored surfaces of Jaipur are symbolic of the city’s long history and the influence it has on the people of today.

Julia Enchelmaier

Julia is in her final year of journalism and international relations at the University of Queensland. Upon graduating she wishes to work as a foreign correspondent.