A sustainability story of food waste: I walked into the office

It is a normal workday. I walked into the office.

People wear exquisite office clothes, hold iced coffee, and shuttle among the cool office buildings. People here value work results. Food, as a necessity to support human function, has also become the most common and underappreciated thing.

But food waste adds up. Behind every lunch thrown into the trash are shocking facts:

  • Roughly one-third of the food produced that is intended for human consumption every year- around 1.3 billion tons and valued at USD$1 trillion- is wasted or lost. This is enough to feed 3 billion people.
  • If food loss was a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter, behind China and the US.
  • In China, more than 35 million tonnes of food – equivalent to about 6% of the country’s total food production – are lost or wasted in the country annually. The food loss primarily occurs in restaurants and households as Chinese culture sees hosts order more food rather than less to show hospitality to their guests.

Find out more shocking facts about food waste. 25 Shocking Facts About Food Waste | Earth.Org

What if food waste in the office and sustainability were linked? Follow this vlog to see the situation of food waste in the office.

Food waste is an important part of the Sustainable Development Goals. But in the workplace, it is rightfully forgotten. For office workers whose time is at a premium, finishing lunch is the biggest contribution to sustainability.

Please keep in mind:

In the office, work is time, energy, and money.

And In sustainability development, food is also time, every, and money

Siyi Gu

Siyi Gu COMU3130 Assessment