A Wish from the Earth, a Change from Its Inhabitants


Music can speak beyond languages, moving hearts and souls from different backgrounds. I wrote this in hopes of creating a song that encourages sustainability without being too rigid or coercive. Titled “from nature with love”, this song speaks from the perspective of the Earth and prods people to start taking actions.

I noticed the trend in popular songs nowadays leans more towards the chill vibes with looped beats and keys. The main inspiration for this song are

I would also include a special thank you to Charis Joshua Untung for helping with the bass and strings on this song.

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Sherrish Serafinna Tanudirdjo

Hi, I'm Sherrish. I'm a writer who finds inspiration from others' stories, my dreams, hopes, and contemplations. I used to write in words and letters, but now I'm exploring melodies and harmonies to better deliver my stories. Sincerely, The Wallflower