All Smiles in Mumbai

All Smiles in Mumbai

By Claudia Farhart

When you touch down in Mumbai, the first thing that will strike you is the poverty. Mumbai is an endless city of 22 million people – 70 per cent of whom live in slums. With a total of 300 million people living below the poverty line, India is home to the largest number of poverty stricken people in the world.

However, once you leave the sheltered safety of the hotel and start exploring this vast city, you can’t help but notice the beaming smiles on the locals’ faces. Whether they are cooking India’s famous street food, playing in the streets, or working in their shops and stalls, the people of Mumbai are nowhere near as bleak as their financial circumstances would have you believe.

Mumbaikars are a people who seem to have both nothing and everything.

Claudia Farhart

Claudia is studying a combined Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Arts at The University of Queensland. Claudia is currently representing UQ as a foreign correspondent in Mumbai, and hopes to use this opportunity to tell the stories of Mumbai locals through creating documentaries and multimedia pieces.