Bean Team Collective: Coffee and Sustainability

Bean Team Collective: Coffee and Sustainability

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Coffee is a large part of Australian culture. With many Australian’s relying on their morning pick-me-up each day before work. While Australian’s are employing more sustainable behaviors by bringing their own keep cups to cafe’s, there are elements of sustainability beyond the surface level cup and straw. Coffee grounds are almost a hidden waste product of coffee. They are necessary for making a each and every cup of coffee, however the sheer volume of waste created often flies under the radar. The same can be said for the milk within the coffee. Whilst it is consumed, it has to be contained often by a plastic bottle that is used once and thrown away. Thus, by taking a deeper look at our coffee habits the Bean Team Collective Instagram establishes the issue of coffee waste and suggests easy at home recipe’s to either reuse coffee grounds or make oat “mylk” from scratch.

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