Ekta Wassan on the ABC’s of Indian etiquette

Ekta Wassan on the ABC’s of Indian etiquette

By Kate Sheahan

Hidden inside the Hyatt Regency hotel in Mumbai is the bespoke academy of style in India, the Wasan Knowledge Hub.

The finishing academy, directed by Mrs Ekta Wasan, is an initiative of the successful automobile dealership and service provider, The Wasan Group, and works in collaboration with UK based partners, The English Manner and Style Directions.  The academy provides students across the country with personalised training based around an ‘ABC’ model – Appearance, Body Language, and Communication.

Mrs Wasan is the first lady in her house to step into business as an entrepreneur, and says that she owes her success to her family network.

“I couldn’t have achieved the success that I have without the support of my family.  Indian’s have a very strong institution of family values, an

d this system allowed me to take on the directorship of the academy.”

Mrs Wasan, who was a homemaker before she established the finishing school, says that she saw an opportunity to make a name for herself after her daughter reached a certain age.

“I always wanted to have something of my own.  In India, when we are married, it is expected that we take the surname of our husband.
I very graciously accepted the role as ‘Ekta Wasan’, but I always wondered who ‘Ekta’ would be.  When my daughter reached an age where she started to crave her independence I thought it was time to have a project of my own.  That’s how we ended up here.  It’s been a beautiful journey.”

A range of classes are available to students – ranging from public speaking, to personal grooming and style.  A bespoke tailoring system allows the programs to be personalised for every applicant – allowing for accelerated courses which are often booked by corporate groups.  Mrs Wasan says that knowing how to enter a room in the correct fashion can make a big difference.

“You’ll never get a second chance at making a first impression.  We train students to get it right the first time and have a large number of both men and women applying for our courses.”

The Wasan Knowledge Hub aims to ‘touch lives’ and put India on the global stage for etiquette and style.


Kate Sheahan

Kate is a final year journalism student at the University of Queensland. She is passionate about all forms of communication and enjoys broadcast and print journalism. Kate has completed internships at both Network Ten and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and has experience with social media, creative writing, and digital content creation. Her passions include travel, books, film, and television.