Queer debate focuses on marriage equality

Queer debate focuses on marriage equality

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The following radio piece showcases The Great Queer Debate, which was held in Brisbane on September 3rd, as one of the first events of the 22nd Brisbane Pride Festival.

The issue debated the validity of the statement, “It’s time for marriage equality” – obviously aimed at highlighting the importance of marriage equality in Brisbane. Earlier that week Tasmania’s Lower House of Parliament had passed a bill allowing same-sex marriage, which was ultimately stopped in the Upper House.

The following radio piece delivers some of the more rousing statements from the night by the affirmative team. The negative team, composed of three Brisbane lawyers, did not give permission to be recorded due to their personal and professional links with various Brisbane law firms. In this particular piece we hear from John, Shirleene and Gary the adjudicator on the night.

All of the speakers urged the audience to visit australianmarriageequality.com to sign up for updates on the fight for same-sex marriage equality in Australia.